GSMM 2019 Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves 2019 May 22-24, 2019 | Sendai, Japan

Rump session program (May 24, 20:00- at Akiu-onsen)

Future Microwave Circuit Design Assisted by Neural Networks

- Microwave Planar Filter Design as an Example-

Prof. Masataka Ohira, Saitama university

Presentation Abstract
A neural-network (NN) based microwave passive/active circuit design is one of promising approaches for automation of complicated and time-consuming design tasks. In bandpass filter designs, for example, a main difficulty is a tuning process that requires many EM simulations and optimizations since physical dimensions having a desired frequency response cannot be obtained by just one EM simulation, resulting in hours of design time. Furthermore, such microwave circuit designs cannot be achieved without high expertise of microwave engineers. In this talk, we will discuss how to employ neural-networks for a fully automatic design in the field of microwave circuit designs and what we need to develop for such a future NN-based design tool.

Rump session

For those who registered for the GSMM2019, the Rump Session is scheduled on the evening of the last day of the Conference (Friday, May 24-25, 2019) at a Japanese style hotel called "Iwanumaya" in the Akiu Onsen resort area.
The registrants can participate in this event with an extra fee, which covers the participation in the Rump Session, a room charge for one night, dinner, and breakfast.

Room Type A 14,000 JPY per person sharing a large room with 3 other participants
Room Type B 25,000 JPY per person using a small room with only 1 person
Room Type C 20,000 JPY per person sharing a large room with 1 accompanying person or friend (Total 2 persons and 40,000 JPY)

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